tornitura fresatura tradizionali metalli controllo numerico precisione utensili leghe leggere materi Mechanical processing

Mechanical processing

CSLMECCANICA  is specialized in turning and milling of small and medium-sized series, single pieces or whole units with traditional and Modern efficient CNC machines, using precise, modern and cutting-edge equipment.


Experience allows us to select and use the most appropriate tool in order to operate on the most type of material,  by partnering with reliable and competent partners, we can provide additional services :

  • Surface treatments (galvanizing, anodizing, burnishing, blueing)

  • Vacuum Heat Treating

  • Waterjet cutting

  • Laser cutting 


We perform assembling of the mechanical parts worked


We use an endless variety of materials:

  • AISI 304 – 316 – 316 Ti
  • Common Steel C45 – Fe 510 – Fe 360
  • Strong Alloyed Steels X155 – X210
  • Aluminum Alloys 6082 – 7075
  • Bronze - Brass - Copper
  • Titanium
  • Plastic material (Teflon – Nylon – Pom – Peek - Thorplas)
  • Superalloys (Inconel-Duplex)