officine meccaniche precisione conto terzi alluminio acciao inox lavorazione metalli chiavari milano Company


The Start-up company was funded by the current CEO on 2006 focused on the designing and performing of moulds on commission, gradually turned to operate in various fields of high technological content providing mechanical work, milling and turning, in order to offer to its customers a completed production cycle.

Our mechanical machining department is the dream of the founder as student aspiring to lead and develop his own company, thanks to hard work and continued commitment. Investment in technologically advanced machinery, together with experience in mechanical machinery gained over the years permits to improve and to extend the activity to different sectors such us, oil, naval, marine, railway, medical, diving sector; 

CSLMECCANICA can meet customer needs (both Italian and foreign customers) efficiently and effectively; Our customers recognized our flexibility, precision, accuracy and high-quality standard, which are fundamental requirements of working with different sectors.

In addition, CSLMECCANICA is particularly focused on health and the environment, providing a safe and orderly work place, excellent maintenance of its technical instruments, and compliance with pollution and waste disposal regulations, which are considered as essential conditions for a good work environment.

We have in place a well-established welfare plan;